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Discover Bartender Training Meant to Transform Your Life

Discover Bartender Training Meant to Transform Your Life

Are Your Ready to Transform Your Life?

Stop, and Read this Right Now

Making a career switch is a Big Decision. We Know.


If you are Serious about Changing Your Career to Bartending,
then Find Out if You How it is Possible:

Are you Hard Working and do you Take Action? [Keep Reading]…

Great! In Our School, You Will..

✓Practice Bartending like you’re Working in a Live Bar.

✓Learn about Liquors & Beer from the Most Knowledgeable Instructors.

✓Earn Yourself a National Certification.  Once you go to our school, you can bartend in all provinces in Canada.

Are You Ready for An Amazing Experience with Life-long Friends? [Keep Scrolling…]

Not only will you walk away from training with an Life-Changing Experience, but You Will..

✓Feel Prepared for Walking Right Into a Job.

✓Get close 1-on-1 attention because our certification courses come to you.We bring the bar supplies… right to your kitchen. (or where you choose)

✓Benefit from our unique Internship Program (as a part of Job Placement) in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and a few other locations.

This is a customized, one-on-one, expedited course.

Over 1,500 Happy Students in the Past Three Years!

You Could be Next!

Haven’t Convinced You Yet?

Our bartending courses guarantee certifications taken in our school. (Take tests for free until you pass!)

This May Be, The Best Decision of Your Life:

1. It’s Fun. Listen to Music and be in a Good Environment.
2. You Get to Meet New People and Socialize.
3. Yes, it Pays the Bills Too!

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Why You Will Love LBS?

With over 1300 instructors, nationwide, LBS offers convenient, customized, and low cost courses.
Get the ONLY nationwide certification guarantee
LBS is a bartending school providing certification throughout all states online and in-person. LBS has talented, certified teachers and an online platform for remote learning.

Best Tips for Bartenders

Best Recipes from Local Bartenders

Becoming a Bartender has never been so fun!
Maybe you’re looking for Cheap Bartending School? Well, you’ll find the greatest value here.

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